Every month, a digest of current world news.

Every month, a digest of current world news. Over a year, factual background reports on every country of the world, international organisations, global issues News for the 1990s backed up by 60 years of authoritative reporting. Each issue is fully indexed and cross referenced. You can also search Keeling's on-line on the Financial Times Profile Information Service. United Nations Development Programme Series of Four Volumes Human Development Edited by Khadija Haq and Uner Kirdar Each volume contains valuable contributions by leading development professionals, national and international policy-makers, academicians and private sector executives. Volume I: HUMAN DEVELOPMENT: THE NEGLECTED DIMENSION Thirty years of development theory and experience are reviewed, with the conclusion that people have been neglected as the objective of development. Concrete actions and new initiatives are recommended to restore the human dimension to its central position in development policy-making and planning. Volume II: HUMAN DEVELOPMENT: ADJUSTMENT AND GROWTH The high human cost of the 1980 adjustment policies are assessed. The volume emphasises that adjustment

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